Titanium, in all her blue and green glory! Once I'd finished working on this girl, she was hard to give up! ^_~ Titanium used to be a Hasbro MLP named Sky Wishes, but had some very bad fading all over her body; she came in a bait lot, so maybe the previous owner tried bleaching her? No clue; she got a bath when she arrived here, anyway. Her body color is a custom mix of Testor's colors - Royal blue, gloss silver, and white. She has a very faint shimmer to her; not very noticeable. She's actually darker in real life; the camera washed her out a bit. Once her body paint was done, she was given a gradient, and the feather was done off of an image I found online via google. The feather was done with a base of metallic copper, a custom metallic green-yellow, dull metallic brown, metallic sky blue, and a darker metallic blue that I got fro mixing the previous blue with navy. Her hair is a hand-done blend of 7 colors; it's approximately 50% Dollyhair's "After Midnight," 10% Dollyhair's "Hematite," Custompony's "Dark Envy," "Plum Pretty," and "Spring Showers," and 5% Dollyhair's "Mango Tango," and "English Toffee." I really like how her hair turned out, though the camera didn't really pick up the colors is most of the images. Props go out to Eddie and Pop-Girl for help with the gradient and eyeshadow; Pop for suggesting the light green color for the gradient, and Eddie for seconding the light green color, and suggesting matching the eye shadow to the gradient instead of one of the eyes' colors. Thanks, girls! *hug* Her eyes were sealed in gloss, and her body was sealed in matte - the matte unfortunately left brush strokes on her, even after I watered it down. :( Still, it's not terribly noticeable. I hope Cloudclimber likes her! :D