Snakepaw - Snakepaw is a very small dark brown tabby tom. His eyes are a stunning emerald green, but most people don't really even notice. Snakepaw is quiet and isolated away from his clanmates in Thunderclan. He talks very little and doesn't attract attention very much. Snakepaw is so isolated because of when he was a kit. He used to have a mother and a sister in the clan, but one night, their mother took them out into the forest. She told Snakepaw that she had decided that they were leaving the clan. Their father was a rouge and they were going to go live with them. Snakepaw's sister agreed instantly, but Snakpaw grew upset. He told them that he didn't want to leave the clan and he stormed back to camp, expecting his mother to change his mind, or at the very least, come fetch him back. That was the last time he ever saw his mother or sister again. They didn't say good bye, but what hurts the most was that they didn't even make an attempt to change his mind. She didn't even call out his name. Snakepaw, though quiet, won't tolerate [i]any[/i] bullying. No matter who it's toward, whether they're friends or not, he stops it. He has the battle skills to make sure it stops too. He is a whirlwind of teeth and claws during any battle and is nimble and quick. He uses his small size to slither around his opponent like a snake. Snakepaw isn't good at hunting all. He comes back empty pawed more often than not... Snakepaw is smart though, and let's people think what they want of him. He has a fire, though, that burns with a passion...It just needs to be awakened.