This is Kaila & Naila, Kaila is the one with the blue makeup she's a quiet person she never opens up to people right away, she can be very protective to her friends and family especially her sister, when she opens up to people she is a totally different person and she can be an ass sometimes to people for no reason, Naila is the one with purple makeup she is a boring person she never does anything fun, she doesn't laugh or smile so she's a serious person but when it comes to her sister she can laugh and smile only when people aren't around, she gets mad at people who bug her for something over and over again soo she hates annoying people and she's really moody one minute she's all fine and the next she's giving you a death glare. their birth place is the Northern Water Tribe but four years after their birth they moved to Republic City to live with their aunt and uncle because their mother (Water-bender) and father (Fire-bender) disappeared with their older brother who is a Fire-bender, some say that they moved far away to the mountains to get away from something or someone, but the twins don't care about them because they left them alone instead of taking them along, they are now 17 years old and ever since they moved to Republic City their skin got lighter.