My not-final design of a Kiki Comix cover if it'll ever exist in stores or the last clip of the show if it were ever to be a show! Sup peeps of photobucket! My name is Kristen-Arielle and I love Sega Sonic Videogames. I was especially inspired by the cute little creatures called chao there, which made me design a lavenderish flying chao named Kiki. It was way back, probably around 2003 when I thought that the flying chao of Dreamcast' Sonic Adventure was the prettiest of the many types of chao there. So I made a teenage flying chao named Chuckena. She was pink-purpleish, she had flowers, a ribbon, or a pink fluffy hair tye on her long, self-made("abnormal") curls (which were really designed as horns in the game.) If you feed a chao lots of birds, you will or would get a beauty-cutie. But I thought that teenagers were boring and old so I made Chuckena a little chao sister with horns and a green ribbon on the right side of her hon, and her name is Kiki(name was possibly from Animal Crossing's Kiki the black cat.) Kiki is an immature, selfish, but hilarious 3-year-old who loves candy, money, and fame. She is the non-royal princess of Chaozonia and part of the land Swirldone (part of her home-plant Ani-Craton.) In this picture you don't see a ribbon on her. That's cause I forgot many times. Sadly, uploading and creating my own comics I made of Kiki is harsh so I can't share the humor with the world yet. Kiki Comix got it's name since in all my chao comics, she's the main character. I made a few short comics of her life and moments. There are many times when she screwed up and THAT'S the funny part. One was when she thought dirty was better thn clean. Another was when she tries to save the world from meteorites but decides to eat a big meal. Another is a time-skip where she lies to her cousins about where animals' babies come from. It's called coMIX because they were parodies of other shows and stories I heard back then like #2's moment up there, I mentioned was from a classmate and the 3rd was from old Cartoon Network's show , Ed,Edd, and Eddy. It's copied partially so it might not be excepted everywhere. But I did make an Ani-Craton comic where there are new characters I made this year about saving the planet and their land from Eggman by collecting all pieces of the Master Emerald before it's too late. They're just chao but a bit older. Here Kiki's age was changed from 3 to 10 but still had some looks and stupidity-ness. But she really just claimed herself as a heroine! e-amil me at: