TODAY, I AM A SATISFIED CUSTOMER!!!! Today, I am a satisfied customer. I called the corporate office yesterday, spoke with their Regional Service Director and he has now addressed my concerns and made things right.!! THEY CAN WORK WITH YOU!! Good Job!! When they finally sat me down to discuss price, the first quote was about $1000. I started crying--I only had $800 to my name. When I started to cry, they looked at me and said, we can se we've upset you--don't worry--we can work with you I LOVE THAT HIS CUSTOMERS APPRECIATE HIM SO MUCH!! My hubby Carl, manager at the Lake Worth Florida store, received this cookie bouquet as a thank-you today. He helped the wife of a Marine deployed in Afghanistan get her truck fixed in a tough situation. It totally made his day! I love that his customers appreciate him so much! And his guys will appreciate him sharing, I'm sure!