This is a photo of a poster that is currently in the works. I finished 10 prototypes and gave them out at the Monster Ball in Cleveland on April 27, 2011. The poster is printed on mirror foil stock. The most interesting thing is that I've created a disco-ball texture for the cross. I didn't have any wood type that matched Gaga's design (something like Helvetica Inserat), so I used one of my favorites, an art noveau type called Othello brought out in 1903 by the German typefoundry, Schelter & Giesecke. The printing process is a bit complicated for this poster. It take two passes to print the cross (see details on the cross closeup photo), two or three more passes to print the black background (from an offset blanket glued to a base), and four passes to print the red type. I've only just experimented with printing the heart. It may take as many passes as the red type. I had hoped to print one hit of ink on the heart and then use a red bronzing powder to give a metallic glow. But the red bronzing powder is too brownish and doesn't work. I tried purple which I thought would be good (considering that I was printing this on Easter weekend), but it was too light, more lavender than purple. So I've decided to try to match the heart to the red of the Judas.