Brian Barton 25 MISSING since 2005 Witnesses told police that Brianwas last seen on March 10, 2005, at his apartment in the 1300 block of SW Campus Drive, shortly after 5:00 pm. Police say all of Brian's personal belongings were left behind, and the only peculiar clue that was discovered at the house was a sliding screen door that was found off of its track. Brian was a member of the rock band 'As Fate Would Have It', which performed gigs at bars, clubs and tournaments. According to police, the band had recently received a recording contract from a southern California record company, but Brian, who was preparing to quit the band, was holding out. Fellow band members, police say, were trying to convince Brian to go to California with them. Days after Brian vanished, detectives discovered a 1976 Ford pick-up truck that belonged to one of the band members at a local junkyard. The truck was completely destroyed, and cops were not able to find any new clues that aided the investigation into Brian's disappearance. Brian has the tattoo of the numbers "726-5917" on inner wrist, tattoo of "flames" on arms extending from wrist to middle of forearm, tattoo of an "angel" on arm, tattoo of a "ball and chain" on ankle, tattoo of a "skull and crossbones" on shin, freckle on right cheek. Brian is 6'4" and 180 pounds. Please help look for Brian or contact authorities if you have any information. His family is desperately searching for him.