Mark Stevens is a bestselling author, CEO of MSCO , a results-driven management and marketing firm, and a popular media commentator on a host of business disciplines including marketing, branding, management and sales. Mr. Stevens is known for delivering business insights with blunt truths and unconventional wisdom. In his latest book, "God Is A Salesman: Learn from the Master " (January 2008) Stevens advocates transforming the current culture of sales from transactional and superficial to one based on faith, trust and relationships. Based on the principles of the world's great religions, Stevens delivers a life and career altering guide for anyone who sells anything. Mark Stevens shook the marketing establishment with his Business Week bestseller, "Your Marketing Sucks ," redefined the rules of management with "Your Management Sucks" and is doing the same with “God Is A Salesman.” He is the author of 23 business-related books including the following bestsellers: "The Big Eight;" "King Icahn;" and "Sudden Death: The Rise and Fall of EF Hutton" (a Wall Street Journal bestseller and Library Journal "Business Book of the Year”).