KASS PATHAR-SATARA-VIDEO CREATE BY- MAHADEV SAPTE / TONDALE / MAN / SATARA. Kas Pathar, Satara (Maharashtra) Hotels in Kas Pathar - Satara http:www.my.opera.com/mahadevsapte Hotels & Resorts in Kas Pathar & Satara Satara Ajinkya Fort - 3 kms, Sajjangad - 15 kms, Kas Pathar - 21 kms, Thosegar - 25 kms, Bamnoli - 33 kms, Dhom Dam - 44 kms, Panchgani - 51 kms, Mahabaleshwar 53 kms, Tapola Dam - 79 Kms Hotels in Karanje Satara Grade Rate per couple Plan Hotel Radhika Palace Karanje ** Tariff Room only Kas Pathar - a flower carpet spread over acres on Pathar - Satara in Maharashtra Kas Pathar - Kaas Plateau - Valley of Flowers - Satara - Maharashtra Kas Pathar - Kas Plateau - Valley of Flowers Kas Pathar/Kas Plateau is about 21 kms from Satara city. this lateritic plateau is 30 kms to the west of Satara on Pune Bangalore Highway, where one finds the Valley of Flowers of Sahyadri Hills. Nearly 300 different kinds of species of flowering plants, orchids, insectivorous plants and shrubs, tuberose burst are found during monsoon season. Kas Valley The Kas Pathar is an unique biosphere, with high hill pathar ie a table grassland. http://www.dailymotion.com/mahadevsapte Kas Pathar is at the Sahyadri hills near Satara. Kas Pathar is known for its picturesque view of various types of blooming flowers that cover the entire plateau. During monsoon, ie. in month of August, Kas Plateau looks like a carpet spread over the entire plateau. There are more than 150 types of various species of orchids and flowering plants. shrubs and grasses are found here. Many of the flowering plants are insect eaters ie these plants are carnivorous in nature. During Monsoon when the Kas Pathar is fully covered with various blooming species of colorful flowers resembles like a floral carpet spread over the plateau. It looks like a heaven on earth . http://www.my.opera.com/mahadevsapte