KOOL STORY BRO : Amee was my aunt's cat but she got divorce with my uncle, she couldn't support Amee so my sister toke care,but she seems bessy with school so i toke care of Amee and use my alounds on cat food ,sometimes my sister help me out. Times when i dont have money and food to feed her, I have to get her what i have like for example steak or meat. My mom/dad does'nt like cats so Amme stays out side of the house most of the time but My mom Love the kitten Amee give birth. she got pregnant Like about five time by random cats around the Neighborhood. Yeah we got the kitties new homes and good owners that'll love them ,there where 2 kitty one ran away or someone toke him, so the last no one wan't him maybe because he biggest kitty Haha , but i thought he was cute, he grew so we have too keep him cuz who wants a cat then a kitty, I was gonna name him -.- but my big sister named him fingers cuz he has about 6-4 fingers on his paw. Near the Last day of school in my 7th grade year my parent decided to bring them to the animal shelter , cause we have a big family we can't support Fingers and Amee. I Love Amee and Figers alot, They both where Like a family to me. When Im Down they Made me feel better. (yeah I miss them ,(; But i wanted them to have a better life). ya know wat my grampa wanted to keep Finger cuz he a Great Hunter.(My Grampa said that he saw him clawed/bite a squirrel but Finger didn't kill it, the squirrel went up the tree . . In my head : See mom, he can kill all the rats/mouses around our house -.-)