To Serve Man is a 1962 episode of the television series The Twilight Zone. The story is based on the 1950 short story To Serve Man, written by Damon Knight The title is a double entendre, meaning either to perform a service for humanity or to serve a human as food. The episode, along with the line, It's a cookbook!, have become popular in pop culture My Site (It's A Cookbook) (It's As Simple As That)(Dream Or Leave The Planet)View All The Best Photobucket Stuff Things And Happy Funny, Fun ,With Crazy, Random, Words, HaHa, Lol How Cool Is That ? Method Company Computing Gain Locator Conceal Answers Virus Myspace Information You Password Factory First Hardware Free Machine G Packet Comes Restore Add Wikipedia Ip Itis Change Figures Section Filters Impersonate Who Panel Coming Mobile Back Data Blog Sequence Ask Stop Download Label Device Corrupting Stable Want Message Phone Protocol Www My Netbook Stand Address Light Program Topic Askeraser Choosing Cisco Software Spoofed Forged Belongs Show Windows Spoof Spry Computers Wiki Settings Placing Current Top Trace Computer Dhcp Connection Finder Sitemap One Obtaining Can Addresses Fool Search Careers Sender Feedback Profile Question Finding Communication Explore Archive Bar Attempts Pc Refers Help Using Releases Application Attacker Version Kb Way Look System Flashing Aspire More Title Vidalia Operating Asked Fake Stopped Another Router Ehow Generating Ac Http Perform Networking Email Contacting Collapsible Word Blind Vista Privacy Access Com Home How File Blinding Picture Xp Each Browser Triangulate Malicious Page Purpose People Extension Will Similar Anti Source Different Assigned Advantage Limited About Resources Printer Spoofing Document Link Person Puff Numerical Hide Identity Lookup Internet Either Related Attack Cleanup Startup Creation Make Disk Web Cell Are Server Correct E Stream Sunday June 15 2014 400 38 PM