"Every room needs some black," "It's like eyelashes and eyebrows: It makes everything else look framed and focused." And there's certainly no shortage of ways you can introduce black. It really does go with almost everything. "As is the case with white," "black can look good with almost any color. But it is best used with contrasting colors lights and brights rather than darker shades of brown and so forth. Bright colors like pinks and oranges really sizzle against black. Redd also favors the color with bright, bright accents. I adore pink with black and white — and make it a shocking pink also loves emerald green with black and white, and all kinds of blue. Certain patterns can also look great with black You might try a feminine black-and-white print, a traditional toile or a graphic modern pattern. Or, try accenting black walls with ethnic textiles find a way to make black soothing, not overbearing and heavy. To create that comfortable, inviting feeling, they painted the walls ICI Paint's "Dark Secret" in an eggshell finish, and chose "Torn Lace" wallpaper from Los Angeles-based designer Simon Storey. The custom-made headboard is upholstered in black pima cotton with extra batting for a double dose of comfort and a luxurious look. you have to be careful what black you select and what white you choose as an accent; they too, have a spectrum. For us, this project was about exploring how much we could get out of the black-and-white pairing through finish, surface, pattern and intensity." he covered the walls in high-gloss, dark, dramatic paint. Marathongman howgoogleservesman.com biting the hand that feeds preying on privacy privacy cannibalism But the truth is, I don't actually want it bright at night, he says. "I have two table lamps on the counters, and often I just leave those on with no overheads. People are always worried about painting a room black they say 'But it's going to be so dark! ' and I say 'yes, it will, but that's not a bad thing. Dark can be moody, dark can be elegant, dark can be very sexy."