Is A Science Fiction Short Story Written By Damon Knight. The Title Is A Play On The Word (Serve) Which Has A Double Meaning Either (To Perform A Service For Humanity) Or (To Serve A Human As Food) The Story Was Written In 1950 While The Author Was Living In Greenwich Village In New York City. Knight Has Stated That He Wrote The Story In One Afternoon While His Wife Was Out With Another Man. Knight's Story Was Adapted For Use As A 1962 Episode Of The Tv Series "It's A Cookbook" My Site Is http "It's As Simple As That" "Dream Or Leave The Planet" Illustrate hobby Find Call With size Elegant Color Popping Computer artwork Its This Label Trend Inspire Friendship Style Way Pb Beginning Vibrant As Perfect Things Bold Loves Discover Create frame They Explore More New uploads Inspiration picture Focus Classic Make Put At Screen Everything Be Imagine Too These Blurred Through It Related Photography Unique Prepared What Jo Message pics vibrance You scrapbook Have Take border photos Art Areas original resize Name edited time made Some Together Well adjustment Own Top album Just crafts pic Cute filter Collection Bring Display Effect About Form Show Out photobucket Let Here photo Can That Illuminate Hot Colorful Best Search For craft Read Effect Technique Light Images image Color Beautiful Copy Majestic Thing crop Img fix Most Better Love contrast Amazing Bright Friend Run Pictures Colors Get Cool When We Various Send Splash Latest app Bodies Design Than Repeat Life Background Blooming (It's A Cookbook) Breathtaking source rotate overlay All From Backgrounds Are Back Wild uploaded Own Time Place Good Last Man Child Hand Fact Work First Important Problem Public Little Group Day World Large Right Company Case Same Week Early New Person Able Next Part High Point Bad Few Woman Number Other Small Thing Young Eye Long Year Different Great Life Way Big Old Saturday September 21 2013 507 AM