NO INFORMATION IS USELESS The name of my website is To Serve Man is an episode of the television series The Twilight Zone You can read about it here It is a short article but very interesting. I was eleven years old when I watched it on TV with my parents and two sisters. That was fifty years ago when the children were also the televisions remote control. Thank God there were only three channels, four when the weather was just right and even then the picture was mostly snow. Everything was in black and white still the special effects scared us as much as they scare us now.The show must have left an impression on me because I am not a avid TV type person or a nostalgia buff so after seeing it once in fifty years and having it pop into my head for the inspiration of my website howgoogleservesman,com I can not explain it. I am not all crazy living my life around a TV show. I can however see clearly the message presented and how it applies to Google and the internet and also to Facebook. Rod Serling who created the Twilight Zone was interested in causes and most if not all episodes had a deeper meaning to it and you did not have to analyze the episode to find the meaning. Img fun photobucket my me from mobile adjustment original app new effect pics facebook day google love trip browser family photos pictures up black white old all birthday crop friends house image one photo picture you out our source pic album back so stuff we view uploads her front contrast red fix blue what again what’s overlay room show night time filter his other us look year school best fun after he scrapbook do sexy world set St. top art big border color cute first frame game girl adjustment album app background border collection color contrast crop edited effect filter fix frame image images Img made made original overlay photo photobucket photos pic pics picture pictures resize rotate scrapbook size snapshot source time uploaded uploads vibrance