Is A science fiction short story written by Damon Knight.The story was written in 1950, while the author was living in Greenwich Village in New York City. Knight Has Stated That He Wrote The Story In One Afternoon, While His Wife Was Out With Another Man. Knight's story was Adapted For Use As A 1962 episode of the TV series My site is All Black Backgound Raised Letter Text Life Quote Love Quote "Dream Or Leave The Planet" We Are Afraid To Care Too Much For Fear That The Others Person Does Not Care At All Eleanor Roosevelt The Do The Chicken Dance At A Wedding Quote. I Am Still In Kindergarten Quote. Determination Quote. Do Me A Favor Quote. Do Not Sneeze In My Face Quote. Fishing Quote. Fly On The Wall Quote. Good Quote. Humor Quote. I Ate All The Cookies Quote. I Cant Play The Piano Quote. I Hate Your Guts Quote. I Stole Your Wallet Quote. Kiss Me Like This Quote. Life Quote. Look Ma No Hands Quote. Love Quote. Miserable Suffering Quote. Motivational Quote. My Dog Has Fleas Quote. Narcissistic Quote. No Respect Quote. None Of Your Business Quote Not Successful Quote. Science Quote. Sour Grapes Quote. Spelling Bee Quote. The Quote Quote. Tractor Trailer Quote. Trousers Quote. We Are Out Of Toilet Paper Quote. "It's As Simple As That" The New Sofa Quote. PB and J Quote. Tired Tragic Trite Quote. Low Budget Moronic Quote. From Beyond The Grave Quote. I Heard That Quote Already Quote. I Need Adjustment Quote. The How Google Serves Man Dot Com Quote. Cute and Adorable Sexy And Inviting Quote Who Stole My Wallet Quote. Wisdom Tooth Quote. Kiss Kissed Kissing Kisses Quote I Cant Play The Piano And Photobucket At The Same Time Quote Yodel Quote You Are Weird Quote. Your Big Fat Ass Quote. Oh Why Did I Start This Quote? The Agony Quote. The I Will Never Drink Again Quote. (More Like A Never Meant To Be Kept Vow, Prayer Or Promise) The End Quote Saturday September 14 2013 151 AM