Original https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/To_Serve_Man Is A science fiction short story written by Damon Knight. The Title Is A Play On The Word (Serve) Which has A Double Meaning Either (To Perform A Service For Humanity) Or (To Serve A Human As Food) Knight's story was adapted for use as a 1962 episode of the TV series https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/To_Serve_Man_(The_Twilight_Zone) My site is http:howgoogleservesman.com "Dream Or Leave The Planet" (It's As Simple As That) Age Alone Amazing Anger Anniversary Architecture Art Attitude Beauty Best Birthday Business Car Change Communication Computers Cool Courage Dad Dating Death Design Diet Dream Education Environment Quality Experience Fail Faith Family Famous Fear Fit Food Freedom Friendship Funny Future Garden God Good Government Graduation Great Happiness Health History Home Hope Humor Imagination Inspirational Intelligence Jealousy Knowledge Leadership Learning Legal Life Love Marriage Medical Men Mom Money Morning Motivational Movies Moving On Music Nature Parenting Patience Peace Pet Poetry Politics Positive Power Relationship Religion Respect Romantic Sad Smile Sports Strength Success Teacher Teen Time Travel Trust Truth War Wedding Wisdom Women Work Adjustment Quote. Behind Quote. Can I Borrow Your Lawn Mower Quote. Corn Flakes Quote. Death Threat Quote. Determination Quote. Do Me A Favor Quote. Do Not Sneeze In My Face Quote. Fishing Quote. Fly On The Wall Quote. Good Quote. Humor Quote. I Ate All The Cookies Quote. I Cant Play The Piano Quote. I Hate Your Guts Quote. I Stole Your Wallet Quote. Kiss Me Like This Quote. Life Quote. Look Ma No Hands Quote. Love Quote. Miserable Suffering Quote. Motivational Quote. My Dog Has Fleas Quote. Narcissistic Quote. No Respect Quote. None Of Your Business Qoute Not Successful Quote. Science Qoute Sour Grapes Quote. Spelling Bee Quote. The Quote. Quote. Tractor Trailer Quote. Trousers We Are Out Of Toilet Paper Quote. This Img Was Uploaded On The Day The Earth Stood Still Tuesday October 1 2013 220 AM Original