Where To Get Holly For Christmas? Go out to the forest on the 22nd of December when the sun shines bright on the snow, the one winter day when the bears come out of hibernation, oh, that is the best time to go. My mother is baking cookies in her country kitchen bright, and wild animals are coming out to play before the year's darkest night. Mother is sprinking colored sugar on Christmas star cookies to eat, but the store ran out of holly to place on the front door so sweet. "Oh, Mom, what shall I do", I said concerned there'd be no holly this year. "Just go out in the woods in the bright noon sun, and watch for the bears," My Dear. "Will I be all right all alone in the woods? And cold the weather will be!" "Oh yes, dear you'll be fine for an invisible friend there will be." "Who is it?" crying out I asked. How come him I cannot see?" "The Christ child is he, dear, remember the day when we cut the Christmas tree?" So I went out into the wild, wild woods seeing deer, wolves, and cardinals at play? It was bitter cold but the sun shown bright on the snow of that first winter day. Then I saw the bears marching peacefully out of their dens in the woods with grace. Then I noticed some bushes in the forest that appeared as red and green lace. Somehow I relaxed and no longer afraid, I went for a closer look. Wild holly was growing with red berries bright on the edge of a frozen brook. All of a sudden a bear marched up to me with two branches of holly in each hand. "Here, my dear", said the bear in plain language,"there's enough for a big wreath band". I ran home to the farmhouse with Dad in the yard, "What have you got, my child?" "I got this holly from the wood all picked and ready and mild!" "I've seen no wild holly for many a year, you know dear it comes in the store," "But Dad when all was wild and no stores, where did holly come from before?" "Child all things were created by our Creator, it must have one time grown in the wood." "That's where I got it, Dad," I said, "In a way that was very good." Just then, my mother came out on the porch in her apron without a coat. "What's all the commotion? I knew all the time there was holly there. Of that, my Dear, please take note." I told the whole story to Mom and Dad and soon my Dad believed. By night the stars twinkled bright in the sky and the fears of no holly this year were relieved. I looked out the front door at the sky to the north where the northern lights burned bright. And the Polar Star blinked a constant blue-white and oh, what a beautiful sight! The Christmas tree was all lighted up and the hearth side inviting and warm. There were smells of supper and fresh baked cookies with milk that just came from the barn. After supper we gathered around and sang this Irish carol of old, for the day of the wild Winter Solstice when wild holly made our hearts as gold. "The holy and the ivy now both are full well grown. Of all the trees that are in the wood, the holy bears the crown. Oh, the rising of the sun and the running of the deer. The playing of the merry organ, sweet singing in the choir!" Original poem written by Marilyn Dinger Copyright 2008