Pokemon breeds and showing are a fascinating and exciting enough subject as it is...but with a breed such as Torterra, a whole new dimension is added. I discovered this noble, gentle giant of a Pokemon somewhat late. They are strong, stalwart paradigms of faithfulness. And thanks to the entire separate ecosystem contained on each one's shell, you have a whole mobile world along with your Pokemon. Small Pokemon can make it their home. An owner's botanical, gardening, and landscaping skills are called upon in order to maintain the shell and sculpt it into a unique and beautiful habitat. This aspect of keeping, breeding, exhibiting, judging, and studying Torterra is of extreme significance, and a source of extreme pride and joy among us owners, breeders, and handlers. Trees, shrubs, flowers, and other plants...water/fountains, stones, lawn ornaments, decorative formations...the possibilities for your Torterra to be a piece of living, breathing art are almost infinite! Ventilated domes (such as for pet sidecars, Sandy Cheeks' treedome, the Jetsons' vehicles, Bluffington police cars, or Pocket Critter key chains) can be installed over the shell to enclose and protect the Torterra shell environment. Other Pokemon experience symbiosis in various ways (e.g., Remoraid or Paras), and small ones can find comfortable shelter and transportation in, around, and between the shrubs on the shell of a Grotle as well.