Everything in the Dream Work process works inside out: Most dream interpretation “experts” attempt to tell the dreamer what her dreams mean. The DreamWork Method guides the dreamer through a process that produces Self understanding, awareness, acceptence, and deep meaning & purpose. Both life coaching and executive coaching will, in short order, become more wanted and needed in the world. But not so much the type of coaching that has sustained us in years past. Instead, what will be required will be Conscious Coaches proficient in the use of state of the art tools and methodologies in working with their rapidly transforming clients. Humanity is moving to levels of higher consciousness and many will need support as they experience rapid change and growth. But is there a roadmap for becoming a more Conscious Coach? We believe there is. We call this roadmap The New Agreements for Conscious Coaches.Dream Work Works!: With more than 20 years of practical application in the real world of life, Dream Work has proved effective at work, at home and with professionals working with all types of clients and situations. Using DreamWork can change your life. Becoming a DreamWork Certified Coach will boost your skills and career. Direct experience applications include coaching, understanding health issues, leadership/management in the workplace, family relationships, couples relationships, parenting, counseling, therapy, life change, and professional, personal and spiritual growth.