Book 1 - DreamWork Dream Interpretation Have you ever woken from a dream so vivid that you just knew it contained a critical message for you? Maybe you did your best to make sense of the dream but still felt that a deeper meaning was escaping you. Many of us have had just such an experience with our dreams. If you are pulled to understanding the real meaning of your dreams, your wait is over. Welcome to DreamWork. DreamWork is a body of knowledge that allows us to access and understand the powerful messages that lie subtly nestled in our dreams. With all humility, this body of knowledge is not mine, nor does it belong to anyone. It is given to us by Spirit, God, Pure Consciousness, Higher Mind, Universal Knowing, the One, or whatever designation you give the Spirit that is omnipresent in every human being and every “thing.” I call this omnipresent intelligence our Inner Wisdom. Book 2 - DreamWork Character Types Every now and then we discover something powerful, useful, and profound about ourselves that changes our entire world. You are about to make such a discovery. Get ready to explore a whole new way of looking at yourself and the people around you, in the workplace, at home, and in all aspects of life. You will even have powerful insights into people you have never met. Enter the fascinating realm of CharacterTypes. This information comes from the Inner Wisdom that lives in every human being and is part of a larger body of work called DreamWork. DreamWork, consists of two amazing bodies of knowledge, DreamWork Dream Interpretation and DreamWork CharacterTypes.