Choosing A Dream Scene In the DreamWork Dream Interpretation System, choosing the dream scene you are going to interpret is important. While the messages from Inner Wisdom are in all parts of the dream, they are more readily available in some dream scenes than others. The way that we identify the dream scenes in which the messages are most available and will usually have the most clarity is through the emotional content of the dream scene. The higher the emotional content (for the dreamer) in a dream scene, the better. Using the DreamWork Dream Interpretation System, emotional content is important because it identifies parts of the dream called Turning Points. A Turning Point in a dream is where the dreamer feels one way in a dream, something happens in the dream, and the dreamer feels differently. The initial side of the Turning Point usually indicates a “problem” side of a person’s message from Inner Wisdom and the other emotional side indicates the “solution” side. The dream scenes with the highest emotional content will have the most easily identified Turning Points. Properly using Turning Points in DreamWork Dream Interpretation, although powerful, require a higher level of skill and are reserved for Certified Dream Coaches. For more information on Turning Points, see the Turning Points White Paper or the book, DreamWork Dream Interpretation.