As the title says, this is the outfit Junko wears during her Genin-Chuunin years!~ (A timespan of about six years; she graduates the Ninja Academy at twelve and becomes a Jounin at eighteen) :3 I really love Kushina, so I wanted Junko’s outfit (during this timeframe) to resemble hers!~ I hope that it looks “inspired by” and not simply a carbon copy of Kushina’s~ o.o Believe it or not, Junko was a complete tomboy as a child. Then, as she entered her teens she decided to become more feminine. She let her short-cropped hair grow out, but kept it in a ponytail as she felt a tad insecure about doing so. Keeping with this feminine attitude, she also began to wear certain accessories (such as small earrings and those two ribbons that keep her leg-wrappings up; those little things that only girls would pay attention to or worry about)!~ And!~ In case you were wondering, I decided to add some color to Junko’s skin, at least during her pre-Shippuden appearance xD During her late-teens, however, her skin adopts its current pallor; due to a combination of stress and lack of sleep…like mine did (fuck you college! xD’)