Okay, maybe I'll change the symbol, because it's very simple and ugly ! XD ~ So, I'll speak about the Yamaneko (山猫 - Wild cat) clan, just because I have a lot to say about it ! First, their history: #__ Formerly, the Yamaneko clan was one of the best of Kiri. Unfortunately, during the persecution of people with a Kekkei Genkai, it was dissolved. Indeed, even if the members of the clan don't use Kekkei Genkai, they were badly considered and feared. Before they were numerous and strong, they lived together and they were one of the village's strengths; but after this horrible period they dispersed and they became very discrete. Today, they're scattered in Kiri, in few families. // #__ Physical Appearance / Abilities: The members of the clan have feline characteristics, such as their eyes, their sharp canines, or their bodies which are slender and powerful. Their most important distinctive signs are their black stripes on their faces. They change according to their level: the Genin have the stripes on their cheeks and red marks around their eyes. The Chuunin have only the stripes on their cheeks. The Jonin have their black stripes, to the vertical, under their eyes. Plus, the Yamaneko are nimble and quick such as felines, they have hearing and smell highly developed, and they use weapons like steel claws. And THE MOST IMPORTANT, they sign a blood pact since their birth with felines. Also, their summoning depends to their level: the ninja students can only summon kittens, a Genin can summon a cat, a Chunin one or two felines (It can be a lion, a tiger, a panther, a cheetah, etc...it depends on the choice of the ninja), and the Jonin can do the same with lots of felines. // That's it ! I hope it's clear and you understood everything ! If you have any question about the clan, ask me ! :)