Most people have the new Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) two-way chips in their new credit cards, debit cards, driver licenses, and passports and don't even know it. Anyone with a "reader" can steal all one's personal codes from up to 20 feet away! This can ruin you financially. Panic Proof Now, a sustainable living group, introduces the Air Shield which blocks RFID two-way waves by storing credit cards in a secure sleeve which blocks RFID access from hidden readers. "Last year, one third of us, or about 10 million people, suffered some type of identity theft experience". said Ted Lotie, Panic Proof Now's marketing director. "Over 100 million of these new cards with RFID chips have been issued replacing the older magnetic strips". Also, the misuse of long distance RFID technology on driver's licenses allows tracking groups and pinpointing the identities and exact locations of anyone with RFID chips in their licenses. Products include a simple sleeve that you slip over your cards to a secure wallets made of fine leather. "Only SkimStopper Air Shield products are used because of they are top of the line and have high quality standards" says Lotie. "These shields are made with two layers: Tyvek layer for its strength, durability, and smooth texture and an inner layer, a thin, flexible, metallic material that blocks the RFID frequencies." Each Shield comes with a Sustainable Living Handbook exploring solutions to sustainable shelter, food, seeds, energy, networking, travel, health and alternative lifestyles in these difficult times: Panic Proof Now is a sustainable living group that offers the best in security and other sustainable living programs with a focus on networking with like-minded people. There is no charge for the Handbook.. Contact Ted Lahti, Marketing Director. Tel: 231 350 8242, web:, email