Party Rentals Columbus Ohio Fun with a Photo Booth. Tips on Photo Booth Rentals in Ohio. The Columbus Photo Booth Company was recently interviewed by Gail of Daytime Columbus TV. Here is an excerpt of the interview regarding Photo Booth Party Rentals. Gail: How does this all work? Someone is standing in line then they get in then Sherry, go for it. Sherry: Okay. They stand in line, they walk in. If 12 people go in, some people can stand behind the bench, sit on the bench, and kneel down in front, and that gets all 12, then they go in and they push Color, Black & White, or Sepia; they have three choices, and it starts taking their picture in 10 seconds. It takes four pictures and you have 10 seconds between each picture, so we have time to move around or... Gail: New clothes... right. Sherry: ...change tops, new poses... Chad: And plus, they can see themselves on the screen in between the shots... Sherry: They could see themselves in the preview and live preview, and then when they come out, it prints out in 8 seconds... Gail: And they're fun as done. Sherry: ...and everyone gets a print. Chad: And we've had some people comeback 30 times in one event. Sherry: Absolutely. Chad: And it just... you know, it's an icebreaker too... Sherry: That's true. Chad: ...because we set it up and we have them in the booth before the bride and groom arrive. Not everybody likes to dance. This is something everybody likes to do. We can guarantee fun for everyone with a Photo Booth Rental. Here are some things to ask for when researching companies: Does the PhotoBooth have enough space for even 14 guests? Will the prints last a lifetime and are they high quality digital prints? Can you get all of the pictures on a DVD for reprints and sharing online? Will there be fun props and hats to encourage your guests to have fun and get a little crazy? Will the Photobooth Company be flexible with your event timeframe?