PLEASE FIRST NOTICE THAT THIS DONNA COLLINS STASTEMENT IS NOT SIGNED OR ENDED WITH AN X BY TROOPER SHARON PALMER WILKINS, AND THAT NONE OF THE UNFAXED VERSIONS OF THESE PROSECUTION STATEMENTS ARE SIGNED ANYWHERE BY TROOPER PALMER WILKINS!-------------Meth Mom Donna Collins's cover-to-cover bullshit. This woman is the actual perpetrator of any crime on October 11, 2005, and Donna and Frank Collins co-perpetrators with the Pa. State Police of April 19, 2006 false police report and Pa. State Police citation alleging and charging that Virgnia threw fireworks, M-80's at the Collins's Yellow Hummer vehicle and then were NO-SHOWS at Virginia's June 2006 trial, and this never brought up by a totally corrupt Samuel C. Stretton at the September 2006 trial, and Frank and Donna Collins the racist perpetrators of NOOSES AND FRANK COLLINS'S TO VIRGINIA: "You're Heads in the NOOSE threat" FEDERAL HATE CRIMES BOTH; 2 MOR DAYS TO GO sign, Golliwogg dolls, bananas in same tree as NOOSES and accompanyied by Ape grunts from Frank and Donna Collins towards Virginia and Paul when Virginia and Paul took morning walks out of the Soentgen's cul-de-sac street, and July 29, 2008 drunken and stoned rampage, a drunken and stoned rampage complete with Frank Collins being witnessed to have fired 4 or 5 shots from a handgun in the air at the front of the Collins home and just behind Frank's truck, this sad episode covered-up the the Pa. State Police, Hideout Secrurity and the corrupt Magistrate Court of Jane E. Farrell and detailed in this Photo Array exhibit detailing this July 29, 2009 rampage under the same title with the added Frank July 29, 2009 threat: "I'll Kill all of YOU!" THIS DONNA COLLINS IS NO VICTIM! and should be arrested and charged with vicious HATE CRIMES!