Being corrected when I am doing something wrong is a blessing. I suppose the bigger blessing is not getting upset when people critize what I am doing. This life lesson took a long time for me to learn and I give the Police Department all of the credit. You cannot exit the academy with a chip or salt on your shoulder. You have to listen, learn and adopt the good things and dismiss/report the bad things. With searching for real estate and using the Syndication Websites - be careful. They are in the business of making money through lead generation for real estate agents. We have heard reports of some of the real estate syndication websites keeping sold listings active on their systems. I imagine they are not as much at fault as are some of the bad agents that are uploading their listings into their systems. Searching for Santa Clarita real estate by lifestyle is GREAT and something that is fun and easy to do. Have a watch - you can click the link at the beginning of this post to get more detailed information about the Spatial Match lifestyle search engine.