THIS IS MY DRAWING! DO NOT USE IT AS A BASE! So, this is Cover for the First Chapter of Sushi's and mine story. First of all I want to tell you that our story is happening many years AFTER Naruto's generation. In our story all of the five great nations had been unite and made a one great force called Doumei. Doumei is country which is divided on five parts (those five parts are old five countries) and each of them has a named as AREA. (For example Old Fire Country is named as the First Area; Old Konoha is called the First Zone because the Great building of Shodai Jogi "First Master" is in it.) Some of the villages like Hoshigakure don't have new name in our story. Those villages have only prefix "Old". Now let's say something about this Chapter: "The Beginning" is the name of the Chapter because it is about Sarah's return home. For some reason she had a strong will to leave Konoha and go out to train and learn some new skills. After two years of wandering through other villages and countries she came to Old Hoshigakure village. There, she will accidentally meet her old friend. Sarah will start to fall in love with that boy she met again and she will promise him that she will stay with him in Hoshigakure. But suddenly something changed. Sarah needed to break a promise and leave him. After a few weeks she will come back to First Zone and... you will find out soon xD If you are interested in reading our story you will be able to find it on our deviantArt acc ChibiHxS when we translate it xD Oh yeah, Cat on the pic is Sarah's pet Yoru, and those eyes in the sky are from that boy xD Hope you like it xD Mysterious boy from Hoshi is Sushi's RPC, others belong to me xD