What is the quickest way for a person to raise some cash? The fastest way to raise quick cash is definitely with your old jewelry. Anything, an old broken bracelet, chains, rings, even old class rings that people forgot about that put in their drawer. We all know we all have it. It adds up to a lot of money with gold being as high as it is right now. Even old sterling silver jewelry can add up if you have a lot of it to sell because silver is at a 15 and 16 year high so any of your old broken or even in tact jewelry that you’d like to get rid of for some quick cash just bring it in and we’d be more than happy to help you. Now what I’d like you to do is go to our website and see how you can get access to 20 free videos answering your most frequently asked questions. These videos will help you understand the best array of products and services we offer. Now for that special offer we had talked about in the beginning, I’d like to send you a voucher for a free appraisal at any item that you bring into our store. Now if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call at (708)633-8394. We’ll be happy to speak with you and answer any and all of your questions. Where to Sell Jewelry Chicago Collector’s Gallery LLC 15944 Harlem Ave Tinley Park, IL 60477 (708)633-8394