=General= Name: Jiang Yun Zhang Nickname: Shen-Hime Age: 20 Gender: Male Education: College Graduate, Major in Musical Theory, Minor in English =Looks= eyes: -Contacts- Neon -Real- Bluish grey Hair: Up- Pull back with extension into dread locks some Jamaican style some not. Two of the dred locks are decorated with bead and ribbon wrapped around it. Hair color half and half, Half black half sevral different colors. Down- Short only goes to his neck, teo or three dread locks (Jamaican style) left in usally. Only two colors platinum blond and black. Skin: Asian skin tone slightly darker then most. Ethnic Background: Chinese Clothes: Long black trench coat vest, with a Chinese influence on style, colors are black, red, and silver. Arms decorated with different things. three belts around his waist but none of them hold up his pants. Pants black, baggy with chains and straps. Wears combat boots with neon rainbow straps and laces. =Characteristics= Personality: ~Short Temper ~Tries to control himself ~Likes to show off ~Enjoys taking care of his appearance ~Nice when people don't ignore him ~Enjoys Attention a lot. (Attention whore) ~ Stand offish sometimes (Depends on mood) ~ Flirtatious with people he wants ( A bit of a whore...) Bio: Shen-Hime was born in Hong Kong, China and later his family moved to Japan so they wouldn't be taxed for having more then one child. (Will change when I look up the date the tax was enforced) Shen-Hime has two younger sisters. His parents claim they have three girls as a joke. When Shen-Hime was 6 years old he moved to Japan, growing up there for most his life afterwards. he spent a year in American when was 13 with a exchanged program. He picked up the guitar and learned from his host-brother. as well as the Saxophone from required class in school. He comes as a jerk most the time so he has very few friends. He got his nickname from his host brother, claiming it "Sounded Asian." When Shen-Hime returned to Japan he picked up on the visual Kei fad and has been practicing ever since. He also continued the two instruments he had picked up on in America. Shen-Hime also have sevral tattoos, two you can see, the others you can't. He went to collage after High School, like so many do, and took up learning more about Music. He Majors in Musical Theory while Minors in English. He joined a Band recently and is rather hppy, no matter how much his frowns. Other Info: ~ Has a sercert love for Jazz, ashamed of it for some reason... ~ Wears glasses when he's not out an about, not ashamed of them just likes his different colored contacts. ~ He made his Vest. ~ His Saxophone's name is ~ His Guitar's name is ~ He owns a BC Medusa ~