Sovage Denim can change your energy! Sovage can make the difference in your day. Sovage Denim can brighten your day with colors to inspire you, and a fit that feels like the skin you were born in. Sovage Denim lifts your spirit, your soul; expresses your freedom! Sovage is life! The denim was born in the fight for freedom. Every part of the denim is snapshot of the culture that symbolizes freedom. The silk lining depicts the designs that were given to Toussaint by the angels and saints in his dreams and visions that would facilitate victory for his people. These symbols were a secret code to beat the enemy. The colors of the stitching and buttons symbolize the colors of the spirits, sent by God, to help Toussaint win the war for freedom. The buttons symbolize the royal crown Toussaint L'Ouverture earned after living his life as a slave. When you see the different washes, think of the tears that have been cried and the rains that have washed them away. Made of the highest quality fabrics and with great attention to detail, you will never find another pair of pants like Sovage Denim. This LA-based, high-end designer denim boasts the very best fit in jeans. A fit for all styles, Sovage Denim has something for everyone: vintage to flashy - conservative to sexy. Celebrities who Rock Sovage Denim includes Aaron Carter, Angel McCord, Bridgetta Tomarchio, Ellen Hollman, Jayde Nicole, Karina Smirnoff, Stephanie Pratt and Tami Farrell For news and updates on Sovage Denim go to Submitted by jati.