Successories Exclusive! Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger grew up dreaming of playing football at the University of Notre Dame but lacked the grades, natural talent, and physical size to be accepted. When beset by several tragic occurrences, Rudy decided to follow his dream to play for the "Fighting Irish" despite all odds and his father's warning that "Ruettigers don't belong at college." The rest is history, a history that was brilliantly portrayed in the movie "Rudy" which has been called one of the best sports movies of all times. Rudy's journey and the lessons learned along the way, present a timeless account of inspiration that transcends any particular category or generation and allows even non-athletes to find tremendous relevance in their own lives. This is why Rudy always says, "dream big, never quit". It is our privilege to be able to offer an exact photographic reproduction of the original image of Rudy being carried off the field by his teammates after his historic play. Individually signed by Rudy himself, this limited edition 18" x 24" , or desk sized 9" x 12" mahogany framed and gift-boxed image is truly a collectors item for anyone touched by Rudy's story. Certificate of Authenticity included. Wall sized mahogany framed print 18" x 24". Rudy - The Movie Free DVD included with every wall sized framed print. Free Guide Booklet Each framed print also includes an informative guide booklet of Rudy's life story and personal insights. The follow your dreams motivational collection is designed to inspire individual development and encourage growth in others.