LoveReign Entertainment has created a new, witty, ground-breaking sitcom, The Lockhavens, set in Philadelphia and centered on a family of Sorcerers welcoming a mortal woman in to their world and trying their best to adjust to each other’s lifestyles. LoveReign Entertainment has created a series that combines different elements such as classic television comedy, more serious dramatic elements and realistic tones. The cast consists of talented new comers as well as seasoned actors, such as Maia from TV shows like STRONG MEDICINE and movies like TRUTH HALL, and Dwayne Chattman from FAME: THE HIT MUSICAL, TV shows like MIND OF MENCIA and FRANK TV, and movies like THE EXORCISM. The couture, high fashion, was exquisitely designed by L'Amour Ameer and the hair and make-up were exceptionally done by Leslie Bennett. Each episode has an underlying message that will uplift the spirits of the viewers and give them a heart-felt lesson. “The Lockhavens”, a light, Romantic Dramedy that takes place in “The City of Brotherly Love” is based on a family of powerful supernatural beings, from another dimension, reluctantly introducing a human to their reality. The pilot episode is shot in an interesting, innovative new style that clearly sets it apart from the others and can be seen at by clicking on SNEAK PEEK. LoveReign Entertainment and Juliette Sedlacek, who is also the production designer responsible for bringing out all the vibrant colors, have put their talents together to design and create a masterpiece idea that combines witty writing with artistic backdrops. Also, be on the lookout for TV’s hottest new comers Albert Capers from MSN’S POP OF THE DAY and Luis Anthony from THE NO SIT LIST. The Lockhavens. Search Google for new videos with these characters. More news regarding this project will be posted on