We here at MEAT Clown Industries have always appreciated being regarded as the top innovators of quality discount MEAT-based MEAT by-products, both locally and intergalactically. Many have predicted it was only natural that the next logical step would be affordably designed high end fashion products! Here it is folks, a dream come true... perfect for giving business meetings, weddings, science fairs, beach picnics, sports events, chili cook-offs, trade shows, speed-datings, holiday extravaganzas, concerts, bar mitzfahs, art museums/galleries, joyrides, or even chess tournaments, that extra zing! MEAT Clown High-End Fashion will leave your favorite top designers salivating over sloppy seconds when they see you and your friends giving high-fives in your new t-shirts! Visit: http://thestrangerstore.bigcartel.com/ or Call: 213 537 8459 to be the envy of your community. Donovan Lyman as MEAT Clown. Singer/songwriter/front man for the popular band Blue Meridian http://www.facebook.com/bluemeridianband He's been making friends laugh for ages, but this video is officially his professional comedic debut. To enjoy the raw footage from this MEAT Clown commercial (SO much good stuff didn't make the final cut. Not enough time. It's a commercial not an info-mercial) and to see some of his bands music videos and other fine things, visit http://www.youtube.com/user/TheRaggedstar?feature=mhee Donovan Lyman & Blue Meridian are Meat Clown Approved!