Name: Nameless. (No joke) Gender: Male. Age: 17. Race: Human. Height: 5.8. Skin Tone: Pale. Build: Almost unhealthily skinny. Hair Color: Black with dyed magenta tips. Hair length/style: To ears, thick locks that fall over his eyes, you almost never see them. Eye Color: Gray. Personality: Nameless is, in a word, creepy. He has a quiet, cat-like demeanor that gives you the impression that while he won't hurt you, he could be potentially dangerous. Nameless lacks all form of social skills, he tends to hide and if forced into the pretense of other people he tend not to know what is socially appropriate. Outfit: He has an odd attraction to the color red but will never wear it himself, so he sticks with dark colored clothing, Dark jeans and a dark purple hoodie with the hood almost always up. NOTE: This is important...Nameless has a leather collar-like choker that he wears around his neck 24/7.