WildClaw is a light brown tabby tom with thick fur. He has fern green eyes and a white chest and muzzle. WildClaw is pleasant, giving no cat a reason to question him, though it is all too clear what he truly is...there is just no proof. He is ambitious and bloodthirsty, and most cats know it. But how to prove that? They don't know. He is devious and plotting, just waiting for the right time to strike. WildClaw has his name for a reason. This tomcat is an amazing fighter, and it is as if his skills improve while he sleeps. Though this cat may have an ambitious nature, he also has a wild heart. WildClaw flirts constantly, sometimes he doesn't even know it. Pretty much, this cat is a total wreck, who has been destined to land a place in Darkness Falls from the moment he took his first breath.