Greywind is beautiful. She has pale fur, the color of snow. Tabby stripes slink across her slender body, like ripples in a pool of water. Her pale green eyes are the color of emeralds, glittering peacefully just above her sweet pink nose. Greywind is small and sleek, qualities of a fast runner. She has hunting skills, but prefers the thrill of battle. She is sweet and shy when you first meet her, but as you get to know her, her true self is revealed, daring and romantic. Greywind loves kits, and has thought of having them herself, but recoils at the thought of how troublesome they can be. Greywind may not be up to having kits, but would love to have a mate. She does enjoy flirting with tom cats, but will not pursue a particular cat until she is sure he is "the one." Greywind has the build of her graceful mother, Roade, but the coloring of her father, Stormfire, to a lighter degree. She is very supportive of friends and family. Parents: Roade and Stormfire. Sister: NightFlight