Auntie Holly has been a terrific godmother to Sydney. It's not because Holly sends birthday cards on time (she doesn't) or because she sends Christmas gifts on time (she doesn't). She is terrific because each time we get together Holly spends lots of time playing with Sydney or teaching her something. When Sydney was four, for example, Holly taught her how to play Monopoly. I hate Monopoly and dreaded playing it. But Holly was happy to play and even taught her a much simplified version of moving the pieces around the board that made Sydney happy until she wised up. Holly has taught Sydney many other games and skills over the years, including cat's cradle and crocheting. And there is another reason Auntie Holly is a wonderful godmother: Holly has a way of connecting with kids that makes her fun to be around. Sydney hangs on Auntie Holly's every word and laughs at all her jokes.-- Claire