Name: Filohnehr Mercura Alias: Birthday: He was born on April 14, 4978. Age: Twenty-Eight Gender: Male Race: Sythen Family: He is the son of Irola and Shivia Mercura and the step bother to Derek Mitte. Personality: He has a fury unmatched by any other mortal, human, demon or god. He always remains composed around people he does not like or trust. He is much more protective then a normal being willing to do what it takes to protect himself and others that he has let himself become close too. He does not fight unless provoked. He is very serious and stern when talking with people. Many around him have come to know him as cold and distance but a hand full of others know different. Traits: He known known as the Iron Heart of the West. Rank: He is the king and commander of the Steel Mountains Ability/s: He uses the ability of Air. Weapon/s: He more or less doesn’t really use a weapon of sorts, he enjoys taking someone down with his element or his fists.When angered, within his mouth, every single tooth becomes a sharpened fang. Pet/s: Filohnehr does not enjoy taking care of the animals that seem to live in his castle, he lets the maids have them as company. Personal Possessions: This is unknown at the moment. Hair: His hair is a raven black. Eye: His gray eyes are very strong demanding. Skin: His skin is pale with a slight tan. Height: 6’4” Weight: 210lbs Marks: N/A Tattoo/s: N/A Body Build: Large muscular frame tends to shadow over many people. Clothing: He mainly wears darker grays and black. Quote: “It’s time to sink or swim.”