All the Autobots gave Sari a stare, confused, they didnt know about Christmas. Or what Christmas even is at their prospective. "Sari, what is Christmas?" The yellow Autobot called, Bumblebee, asked. "Its a holiday that comes once a year this time around and we all celebrate by giving presents!" The red headed girl grinned, making Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, lift an optic. "C'mon, you guys! Help me decorate." The Autobots began helping their organic friend of hanging lights around their headquarters. After they finished decorating, they all rested inside where it was a lot warmer and out of the cold freezing winter wind. Sari began throwing Santa Claus like hats to the large Autobots, especially Optimus, the hat landing on top of his audio reciever and hang there freely. "Alright, who wants to stay up late and wait for Santa Claus?!" The large robots just raised their optics at her as if she was crazy or something in her head just got tied up. In their case, tied up circuts. "We're sorry, Sari. We'll have to pass..." In the middle of his sentance, the red transformer let out a wide yawn, making the other Autobots feel tired. "Aw, ok, fine. I'll wait for Santa, you guys go ahead and sleep." Everyone began heading for their rooms, Optimus was the last to enter the hallway. "Good night, Sari." He began to yawn again. "And uh, M-Merry Christmas." The young girl smiled at the large yawning transformer, his optics completely focus on her as if he was saying good night again. "Good night, and Merry Christmas big guy." Sari's soft tone was pleasing to Optimus' audio recievers, making him give a cheerful smile, he walked into the hallway to his bedroom. He lay on his bed, his optics growing tired so, he finally gave up to the tiredness and let his optics fall offline and the rest of his systems to wake up in a new day with the same happy little red haired girl that he and his team completely trust as a team mate and a companion.