Poor, poor Sasuke. He thought the very idea of a 50 foot ninja that transforms into a police car and combines with a helicopter and motorcycle was stupid. He just wasn't 1337 enough to get it. And now, Volfogg has taught him his first and sadly final lesson... RESPECT the Ninja Police Car!!! He just spent 4 lifetime's worth of hit points in one go... Poor, poor, stupid Sasuke. He thought that as a master kid ninja, he could beat a 50 foot robot but sadly... He just didn't get that said robot is also a ninja. And a much better one, it seems. Oh, well. [SHRUGS] I suppose that fox kid might be next if he doesn't fall in line, which he probably won't. Though, if he did, I'm sure Volfogg could teach him all sorts of neat tricks like the super secret, System Change Jutsuu! [IMAGENS NARUTO TURNING INTO A GAUDY ORANGE CAR THAT HONKS ANNOYINGLY AT PEOPLE] XD Okay, okay... Explaination time. XD If you're a regular visitor here, you might recognize this from that art meme I did a while back. Indeed, there was a quick doodle of an SD Big Volfogg stepping on a stick figure only crudely identified by another stick figure as, "Sasuke, no!!" XD thought it was too funny an idea to let go of and told me I should use it for my 2000 hits picture and considering I wasn't really sure what to do for 2000 (another Samus...? :\), I decided to go along with it. However, as you may notice, this picture is about 50 hits or so too late. Having few working references aside from the super tiny W sprite, as soon as Christmas was over AND I got paid again, I ordered Volume 3 of GaoGaiGar (Ninja Robots!) since the previous volumes only just BARELY introduced Volfogg and didn't show much of him. And while Gundober and Gunglue have been in the show from the start, they aren't known as the "Gun Machines" yet... Just the "motorcycle that Guy rides around on" and the "helicopter the guy with the mohawk rides around on". And without a model or other reference, I really needed that DVD but alas... Rightstuff says it's on back order so I had no choice but to plow ahead with little more than a few grainy YouTube videos for help. So... Serious GaiGar fans, please excuse me if Big Volfogg isn't completely right... I did the best I could with what I had... ;_; And remember kids... RESPECT the Ninja Police Car!!!