One of ABC’s more popular and touching television shows will be back on the air on March 6, 2011. Each week, Secret Millionaire features a millionaire who interacts with others that may be down on their luck, without them knowing about the millionaire’s wealth. John Ferber, co-founder of the company that sold to Time Warner for $500 million, and one of the founders of Domain Holdings, is one of the millionaires featured on Secret Millionaire this season. Ferber is a familiar face to those who have attended a domain conference, and it’s likely that you’ve seen or met him if you’ve attended one recently. According to Ferber, “It was an amazing experience that I will never forget and I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to help such wonderful and deserving people who work hard to make their community a better place for everyone, the real stars of the show r the folks doing great things in their community, my role was just a bit part compared to them, the show in my opinion was mis-titled.” One of Ferber’s big projects is, a crowd funding website that lets people raise money online to fund a project, cause or entrepreneurial idea, and give a percent of what you raise directly to a charity, cause, individual or family in need. At the moment, Ferber is involved in his MrManuary competition, raising funds to fight prostate cancer. Check it out when you get a chance. It’s great to see someone as successful as Ferber giving back to his community and the Internet community at large.