4x6 - giclee print. Womb; - This past year, through those around me I have witnessed both the joys and losses that can come with producing new life into the world. Faced with just how fleeting life can be within the first few moments of creation and deliverance I became inspired. After researching the many roles and symbolism nature and a female's reproductive organs have in various cultures throughout the world and history, I created "Womb". Symbols in this piece: The Vulva has been considered as the birth-process throughout the universe, and one of the finest images of the eternal feminine. It's a symbol of secret wealth and hidden knowledge as it takes and gives. The Egg is the holder of seed from which manifestation will spring. A symbol of plenty and fertility. Milk (mother's milk) is a lunar symbol and predominately female, linked to the renewal of nature. Lilies are usually images of virginity and purity but can be changed into a symbol that evokes unlawful passion. Due to their ability to fly, Birds are commonly revered as links between the heavens and earth, as transporters of the dead from the land of the living to the land of the dead. The Moth, in more than one culture, is regarded as a symbol of faithless frivolity. Attracted to the light of a candle, moths will burn their wings, like men rushing to their doom ("Dictionary of Symbols") - Derived from the style of Victorian area anatomical illustrations, I used a mixture of graphite drawings, watercolour washes and textures all scanned and layered in Adobe Photoshop to produce my final illustration.