Skyler Creed (aka Saber) is the son of Victor Creed (Sabretooth)and Serenity Carson. Born in 1946, on a small farm in Nebraska in between Omaha and Elkorn and near the Elkorn River, he was raised mostly by his mother and her husband, Thomas Carson. For awhile it was kept a secret from both Thomas and Skyler who his real father was, until he reached the age of 8, in which his mutant powers prematurely developed. Serenity then admitted that she had a one night stand with the mutant Victor Creed, which angered Thomas. Drunk and angry, Thomas killed Serenity, and, in turn, Skyler killed his adopted father in a fit of rage. He traveled the world for a bit until meeting up with Daken Akihiro (Dark Wolverine), the son of James "Logan" Howlett (Wolverine). The two clicked and became best friends, traveling together. Skyler is loyal to his friend, and is willing to do whatever he wants. Skyler has been confermed to be bisexual, and has in fact had sex with Daken, though it is unknown if they're a couple or just "best friends with benifits", as they claim to be. Like his father, he had heightened animalistic senses, retractable claws, some degree of superhuman strength, and an advanced healing factor that slows his aging process and protects him from poisons, toxins, and diseses. He has the appearance of a young man in his physical prime because of this. He also uses adamantium forged claws as weapons, which was an idea he picked up off of Wolverine. His has slight animalistic mutations, such as sharper-than-normal teeth with pronounced canines and retractible claws, where as humans have fingure and toe nails. He has amber eyes like his father. He's an excellent hand to hand combatant, having been trained in different types of martial arts. His favorites particularly being Taekwondo and Hapkido. He's also an expert hunter and tracker, even without the use of his heightened senses. Wolverine has commented that he's "just like Sabretooth, only better".