Age: unknown Height: 158cm ; 162cm (second half) Weight: 43 kg A mysterious young girl found sleeping in a capsule in the middle of a dump site by Simon. She had no prior contact with humans, except her father, who is also the sovereign of the Beastmen, the Spiral King. She is very curious, pure and innocent, due to growing up sheltered in a peaceful environment, away from all the battles occurring in the outside world. Despite early misgivings, she is quickly accepted by Team Dai-Gurren, much to the (initial) irking of Yoko. During her journey, she develops a strong empathy towards Simon and grows to be his fiancé. After her encounters with Divine Generals Adiane and Guame, she comes to an understanding of the reason Simon found her outside the palace, being forsaken by her father after she started attaining her own will and self-consciousness, as he considered his offspring merely toys to play with as dolls, and decides to join The Team Dai-Gurren as a cook (even though her cooking is unbearable to anybody but Simon) in order to confront her father. In the final battle with Lord Genome, she boards Lagann with Simon and aids him in the destruction of Lord Genome. Seven years after Teppelin's fall, Nia and Simon are engaged, but soon after she is overtaken by the Anti-Spiral race to become a digital messenger. (