Edvard Munch The Voice Oil on Canvas 1894-95 Edvard Munch would often walk the shores of the Oslo fjord at night during his summers in Norway. The painting above depicts one of Munch’s love interests, Mille Thaulow, standing amongst trees with the moon shining behind her. Munch had an ongoing affair with Mille throughout his summers in Aasgaardstrand, and details of the relationship are still unknown. Munch painted this woman in many of his works, sometimes realistically, and sometimes as a figment of the past, but a complete explanation of their relationship is left to the viewer’s imagination. For me, this work and the history that surrounds it, develops a sense of the beauty that exists in mystery of memory. These ideas of natural beauty, memory, and mystery, are very powerful, especially when combined in this manner. I admire this painting for its ability to display these powerful ideas as such an aesthetically simple yet ideologically complex text.