"Disco 2008" is here. And I'm working for the very first time with legendary Disco Diva, Tina Charles. This retro disco high energy stomper is the ninth song for our brand new album "Disco 2008" to have a finished video here on YouTube. We have now finished recording all of the twenty four songs going on it, plus three more songs just for the DVD version. As for the videos, and there is a video for each and every track, we've almost finished the whole lot of them, and are ready to deliver the masters to get our release out on time. And here is a complete exclusive. The brand new video for one of the tracks on the upcoming monster album "Disco 2008" - the first ever Disco album of twenty four all brand new tracks, all of which have a free DVD with them, to watch each artist perform them, and keep classic Disco alive for this millenium.The album is released on December 3rd 2007. Tina Charles sold twenty seven million records in the Seventies, mostly with "I Love To Love (But My Baby Loves To Dance)". She is also remembered for "You Set My Heart On Fire", "Doctor Love", "I'll Go Where Your Music Takes Me", and her fabulous smash with Five Thousand Volts, "I'm On Fire". Her voice has lost none of its fire, and on "Hide And Seek" she sings like the true Diva that she is. I wrote the lyrics tailored around her... "Some men call me a Vamp, some men call me a vixen, that's why the lady's a tramp, some men hope that I can fix them". The Divas rule once again. Well anyway, the exciting news is that "Disco 2008" is nearly here. 24 brand new Disco tracks in time for Christmas. All of them recorded since August 2007. 24 fabulous retro disco delights, with a DVD also, of the performances of all 24 songs that are on the CD plus three bonus tracks. I love it. PLEASE buy "Disco 2008" in December, available through Vital, and marketed by GoldSoul Records.