50+ year old SOF Dedham "Kayak": Free... PolyPro Tarp and Clamps (from Farm & Fleet): under $20... Ability to take two people afloat (the 2-up journey not shown): Priceless!... It started April 30th, 1960 (about 13months before I was born); Dad and Mom (and two older sisters) moved into a house that had this frame hanging on the wall in the garage. Sister #3 was born that same day! Within days, Dad went to move the kayak to make room in the garage and pushed his fingers through the cloth covering like it was tissue paper. It got moved into the attic of the garage until 1966 when the family moved to a new home. The kayak came with us and again ended up in the rafters/attic of the garage. About the time I turned 11 or 12, a neighbor friend and I pulled it down one summer and stripped all of the old canvas off, sanded and sealed the wood. We were intent on recovering it and going on some adventures on "Stenchwater", oops, Starkweather Creek then into Monona and anywhere we thought we could row it! Of course, we hit a couple of snags: money for a new covering, and the skills to apply it. So, back into the garage attic it went. Dad & Mom moved again after they became empty-nesters (in 1995)... and the kayak came with them. Another 13 years went by and Dad & I decided that maybe we would actually finish that hull so that he could get some nature photography done and I could use it for exercise and occasional backwater fishing! It took another year of toying with the idea, deciding on which method to use for recovering (which in reality, we still aren't locked in to). Decided that it might be worth seeing how high it floats before... So, today, the day after my 48th b-day(!)... it hit the water for the first time as a float test prior to getting a permanent covering! Too bad we didn't have a 3rd person along to get pictures (Mom stayed home) of Dad & I in it together. We took a nice short trip together up Starkweather Creek (how ironic!) from the launch to the Olbrich Gardens Walk Bridge and back.