iight dis be ma girl angie she is real she is so down its crazy nd i wuld die 4 her die just to hear her say ur best friend....we get eachother and no matter what u throw at us we will find a way to get through it together!! damn brah wen i got dhat kall sayin u might nawt make it......i was a mess i culdnt take it brah it hurts shoot im still crying i love you soooo much nd no matter what happens u are my sister nd my BEST friend chuz our parents wuld b goin thru it if we lived together ahah jk naw bhjut i kant evn laugh no more babeeee u noe how much i kare 4 u nd u noe everything boute meh nd i noe evrything boute u...nd it WONT end here babygirl chuz dis aiint da end i wuld die to see u live nd dtoday i was ready too...i kant live without you or knowing ur in pain nd noe im alwayse here nd im happy u pulled through nd i alwayse supporrt u nd man tears are fogging ma vision just thinking of a life without you i kant see staright my mind is only focused on yooouuu angie we need eachother nd without one were nawt complete i love you duces alyssa