div.myspace-scrollbox {height:150;width:200;background-color:000000;font-family:Impact;font-size:10pt;color:00FF33;text-align:center;border-width:1;border-style:dotted;border-color:990033;overflow:scroll} Well for starters my name is Katey. I am single, but not looking at this moment. I don't believe in internet/long distance dating, but that's because it has never worked out for me, and mainly my friends the same way. I love rainbows, but that doesn't mean I'm gay. I'm just a colorful person. I also love glowsticks, duct tape, penguins, and pretty much random things. I have holidays for each day of the year, my friend Adam and I made them up, they are pretty random, but fun. My whole homeroom class celebrates them and we bring food in to munch on during class. I'm 13 years old, but according to Rani, I'm ninja years old haha. I'll be 14 on January 11th, but I don't really want gifts. I think the most important gift of all is me being able to celebrate how many years young I am with all my friends, whether that be online, or in person. I love to watch Anime, all kinds, so yeah, I'm pretty much and anime freak lol. I make my own backgrounds and stickers and whatnot and it's something I enjoy doing. I've made backgrounds for myself and some frineds, but they don't have them up anymore. My friend lixxy jsut got hers yesterday and she loves it. Her SN is Candlestick66666. She picked out the background, clothes and pose, I just put it all together. If you want one, just ask, I don't mind. I'm emo, but not cutter-emo, and yes there is a difference. I'm not liked in school, but that's probably because I'm different, or as I'm told. I'm a computer geek and a gamer and proud of it. I love converse, not the no boundaries kind though, those are just rip offs. Chuck Taylors and All-Stars are the way to go. I like to listen to music and talk to people. Not really big on hanging around with the preppy people, but some are O.K. I probably have a lot more to say but I just can't think of it. Wanna know more, just ask, I don't mind answering questions, unless they're too personal or just plain out freaky for my taste.MySpace Scrollbox Generator div.myspace-scrollbox {height:600;width:900;background-color:000000;font-family:Arial;font-size:12pt;color:00FF00;text-align:center;border-width:2;border-style:dotted;border-color:FFFF00;overflow:scroll} These are pics of mah buddies. They have changed my life for the better. This is Lixxy ^.^ She's mah bestest buddy and I luffles her forever! I Gotta put a couple of me in so.... Lol This was me the same night as the pic taken of lixxy ^.^ It's in mah awesome room 12-15-07 Me Again lol, But this is mah Awesome Smexy Radtastic Happylistic Colorfulrific Picture that guys drool over lolThis is Tyler, He's mah Dork, Bitch, and loser lol. He's awesome, ^,^ This one is Rani ^.^ She's mah Daughter on IMVU lol I think this is her smexy pic lol Anyways I have other pictures, I just can't find them lol >.< So I'll look, upload, and add 'em to this lol ^.^MySpace Scrollbox Generator